Apr 20 - JAPAN: Hokkaido Surimi Production Keeps Decreasing, but Brisk Sales in February

Apr 16 - Russia Expects Slight Decline of Pollock Stocks in Okhotsk and Bering Seas in Years to Come

Apr 14 - Key Federal Fisheries Advisory Panel Loses Alaska Native Voice

Apr 13 - Russian Fish Sector Has No Major Concerns Regarding Possible Restrictions on Exports to U.S.

Apr 13 - GAPP Reaches Nearly 2 Million Consumers Through Lent-Season Social Media Campaign

Apr 1 - ANALYSIS: Alaskan Pollock Blocks - Record High Prices, Continued Strain on Supply

Mar 26 - Russian Fish Industry Continues Diversification of Supplies Due to Maintaining Chinese Restrictions

Mar 24 - Russian Fishermen Cut Pollock Catch by Nearly 17% as of March 21

Mar 22 - Cornish Fishermen See Boom in Domestic Demand Post-Brexit

Mar 12 - VIDEO: American Rescue Plan; Seaspiracy Controversy; Crab at Retail; 7-Eleven Pollock Bites

Mar 10 - 7-Eleven Introduces Wild Alaskan Pollock Fish Bites Following Successful Pollock Sandwich Launch

Mar 10 - Russian Pollock Plant Expands Production

Mar 2 - Russia Ready to Increase Pollock Catch During Next Fishing Season

Mar 1 - Arby’s Sent Out $3.79 Checks to Encourage People to Buy Their Crispy Fish Sandwich

Feb 26 - VIDEO: QSR & Fast Casual Seafood Offerings for Lent: White Castle, Bojangles, Quiznos and Popeyes

Feb 25 - Overall Consumption of Wild Alaska Pollock Dipped in 2020, But GAPP Finds Bright Spots

Feb 23 - Trident Seafoods Resumes Operations at Aleutian Plant in Alaska After Monthlong COVID-19 Shutdown

Feb 22 - Russia to Develop Fish Processing to Reduce Dependence from China

Feb 19 - Possibility of "Fish Interventions" in Russia Will not be Clear Before Fall - Fisheries Agency

Feb 16 - Russia May Face Pollock Shortage This Year

Feb 16 - White Castle Brings Back Crab Cake Sliders For Lent After Cutting it From Menu in 2020

Feb 12 - Russia May Significantly Reduce Pollock Catch This Year Due to Problems With its Sales

Feb 11 - P.E.I. Groundfish Licence Holders Offered $7,500 to Give Them Up

Feb 10 - Russian Pollock Fishermen Continue Search for Additional Sale Markets

Feb 5 - Super Bowl Snack Ideas: The Best Seafood Appetizers To Eat During The Game

Feb 5 - Alaska Fishing Updates For February 2021

Feb 4 - Russian Government May Start Fish Interventions to Provide Support to Struggling Pollock Fishermen

Feb 3 - Japan's 2020 Trade Performance: Significant Reduction in Export and Import Value

Jan 28 - The Winding Glass: Supply Disruption a Possible Major Problem for Seafood Industry in 2021

Jan 27 - Quiznos Brings Back Lobster Classic, Introduces New Old Bay Lobster Club Ahead of Lent

Jan 14 - Alaska Fish Radio: Alaska Fishing Updates for January 2021

Jan 14 - Fishermen Choose to Delay Pollock Season

Jan 7 - Louis Kemp And Food Network Star Nancy Fuller Want Surimi Added to Your Super Bowl Sunday Menu

Jan 4 - Russian Fishermen Continue Search for Alternative Sale Markets Due to China’s Closure

Jan 4 - After a Tough 2020 of Small Fish and COVID, North Pacific Pollock Fleet Prepares for Winter Season

Jan 4 - Program Joins Struggling Fishermen, Hungry Mainers In 'Perfect Marriage'

Dec 31 - The Top Stories of 2020: Check Out the Most Read Stories on SeafoodNews

Dec 30 - Russian Court Supports RRPK in Dispute with Pollock Association

Dec 3 - Alaska Fish Radio: Updates on COVID Relief Funds, Deadline to Apply Approaches

Nov 24 - USDA Eyeing Bids on Alaska Pollock, Salmon Products

Nov 24 - USDA Eyeing Bids on Alaska Pollock, Salmon Products

Nov 18 - Alaska Fishing Updates For November 2020

Nov 17 - New Study on Surimi Finds Consumers Not Put Off By “Imitation” Labels

Nov 12 - Russian RRPK Will Continue to Use MSC Certificate

Nov 9 - JAPAN: September Imports of Seafood Decreased by 11%; Exports Down 2%

Oct 29 - New Study: Bering Sea Pollock Moving Between Russian and U.S. Waters More Frequently

Oct 28 - Health Magazine Names Neptune's Wild Alaska Pollock Jerky One of the Best Snacks of 2020

Oct 26 - Russia Hopes to Compensate Unsuccessful Salmon Fishing Season by Increase of Pollock Catch This Year

Oct 16 - GAPP ROI Study Reveals Marketing Impact For Wild Alaska Pollock Fillet, Wild Alaska Pollock Surimi

Oct 14 - With Sales to Restaurants Lagging, Fishermen Donate Catch to Food Bank, Local Schools

Oct 12 - ANALYSIS: Pollock Block Seeing Record Prices Amid Supply Issues

Oct 9 - GAPP Awards Funding For Exciting New Wild Alaskan Pollock Products

Oct 8 - RRPK Continue Fight With Russian Pollock Association

Oct 5 - True North Seafood Partners With Ocean Wise Seafood Program

Oct 5 - China Puts Pressure on Russian Pollock Producers

Sep 25 - Alaska Fishing Updates for September/October

Sep 24 - RRPK Has No Concerns Regarding Expulsion From Association of Pollock Producers

Sep 22 - Fishing Sector of Russian Kamchatka on Verge of Big Changes

Sep 22 - JAPAN: August Marine Products Imports at 148,231 Million Yen, Down 2% From the Previous Year

Sep 22 - Everything You Need to Know About the FDA's FSMA Food Traceability Proposed Rule

Sep 18 - Jerky From Alaska Pollock

Sep 15 - USDA Eyeing Purchase of U.S. Shrimp, Alaska Pollock

Sep 11 - Russian Fishermen May Face Significant Decline of Catch

Sep 8 - Chinese Pollock Importers Losing Positions in Russia

Sep 2 - The Winding Glass: Pandemic and Election Could Revitalize Seafood Industry; We Need to Think Big

Aug 31 - Japan's Seafood Imports Fell 14% to 169,605 Tons in July

Aug 28 - Russia Posts 20% Decline of Crab Exports in First Half of Current Year

Aug 19 - Russia Hopes for Increased Pollock Catch During Forthcoming Fishing Season

Aug 11 - Japan Fisheries Agency Increases Alaska Pollock TAC to 65,000 Tons

Jul 31 - Russian Pollock Association Forecasts 10% Boost in Catch

Jul 29 - Russia May Face Significant Decline in Japanese Squid, Cod, and Pollock Catch Due to Poachers

Jul 21 - H1 Pollock and Atka Mackerel Landings Over 100,000 Tons in Hokkaido, Price Down Due to COVID 19

Jul 20 - Trident Seafood Subsidiary Begins Surimi Product Manufacturing in Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture

Jul 13 - Russian Pollock Roe from the Previous Fishing Season Increased by 10% to 34,000 Tons

Jul 13 - Russian Pollock Roe from the Previous Fishing Season Increased by 10% to 34,000 Tons

Jul 9 - JAPAN: Low Grade Surimi Price Fell 35 Yen Per kg

Jul 7 - NOAA’s Trio of Ocean Drones Set to Reach Bering Sea Survey Station

Jul 6 - Alaska Fishing Updates for July 2020

Jul 6 - Russia Plans to Diversify Exports of Pollock Roe Within Next Several Years

Jun 30 - Russian Pollock Producers May Significantly Strengthen Their Positions in Domestic Market This Year

Jun 29 - JAPAN: May Seafood Imports the Most Profound Decline Since COVID-19 Pandemic

Jun 23 - Economic Value of Alaska Seafood Industry

Jun 12 - Wholesale Price of Frozen Alaska Pollock in Korea Soars 58.6% to KRW 53,600

Jun 11 - COVID Concerns Thwart NOAA and Other Researchers’ Plans to Study a Bering Sea in Flux

May 28 - GAPP Partners with Urner Barry to Track International Surimi Supply

May 26 - Russian Leading Fish Producer RRPK Accelerates Domestic and Foreign Expansion

May 21 - Marine Heatwaves Will Cripple Salmon, Cod and Pollock at Twice the Rate Previously Predicted, Study

May 15 - Up to 400-500K Tonnes of Pollock May be Destroyed in Russia This Year

May 12 - Massachusetts Fishermen Cast for New Customers Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

May 12 - USDA to Purchase Massachusetts Seafood

May 11 - By the Numbers: Japan’s March Seafood Imports and Exports

May 8 - Latest Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers Funding Brings New Products to Europe

May 8 - Russia Plans to Increase Pollock Catch in Bering and Sea of Okhotsk this Year

May 1 - Russia Plans to Increase Exports of High-Added Value Fish Products and Seafood this Year

Apr 24 - Russian Fish Producers and Processors Hope for Diversification of their Export Supplies This Year

Apr 21 - The Winding Glass: Walking the Tightrope of Survival

Apr 20 - Russian Fisherman Plan to Increase Catch This Year Despite COVID-19 and Economic Recession

Apr 16 - Quarantine Cuisine a la Alaska Pollock

Mar 30 - Russia Hopes to Significantly Increase Exports of Pollock Fillets to U.S. Market This Year

Mar 18 - SeaShare Partners With Wild Alaska Pollock Producers to Donate Seafood During Coronavirus Outbreak

Mar 18 - Russian Producers Fear Coronavirus Control Measures Could Seriously Impact Pollock Catch

Mar 13 - Watch Us Eat! We Try 7-Eleven's New Wild Alaska Pollock Sandwich

Mar 12 - Alaska Fishing Updates for March 2020

Mar 9 - LISTEN: Boston Seafood Show Postponed; Lent QSR Roundup; Maine Lobster Landings and More

Mar 6 - Russia Pollock Fishing Season May Become the Most Unprofitable in Last 25 Years Due to Coronavirus

Mar 5 - GAPP Report: U.S. Consumers Ate More Wild Alaska Pollock in 2019

Feb 26 - Lent 2020: What 15 QSRs and Fast Casual Restaurants Are Offering on their Menus this Year

Feb 26 - Russian Pollock Producers Deny U.S. Media Reports of their Major Expansion

Feb 24 - These are the Top 10 Seafood Items Consumed in the U.S. for 2018

Feb 21 - White Castle Brings Back Shrimp Nibblers for Lent, But Crab Cake Sliders Don't Make the Cut

Feb 18 - Smashburger Introduces Pacific Cod Sandwich, First Ever Fish Entrée Ahead of Lent

Feb 18 - Arby’s Fires First in Fish Sandwich War as Lent Looms

Feb 12 - Russia Floods U.S. With Seafood While Banning U.S. Imports for 6th Year

Feb 6 - Alaska Fishing Updates for February 2020

Jan 22 - Russia Plans to Increase Pollock Catch in 2020

Jan 16 - Alaska Fishing Updates for January 2020

Jan 16 - LISTEN: Alaska Cod Fishery Update; GE Salmon Label; Charlie the Tuna Doll and More

Dec 9 - Russia Expects Significant Seafood Export Growth This Year

Dec 2 - Russian Pollock Market Continues Move Toward Consolidation

Nov 27 - Symphony Winners: Cod Fry Kit, Kelp Salsa, Wild Pollock Wings

Nov 25 - Russia Plans to Replace Chinese Fish Processors in US Pollock Fillets Market in Future

Nov 14 - Pollock Parts Plug Body Holes, Clean Lead From Soil

Nov 8 - Russian Fish Producers to Raise Prices to Offset Growing Fuel, Tax Costs

Nov 1 - China-US Trade War to Enable Russia to Supply Pollock to American Market, Says Regulator

Sep 4 - Putin Launches Operations of Gidrostroy’s New Plant on Shikotan

Aug 11 - The Winding Glass: What’s Going Right with Pollock

Aug 9 - Russia Plans Production Increases, Diversification of Seafood Exports this Year

Aug 7 - Russian Government Stays With Historical Participation for Distribution of Fish Quotas

Aug 6 - GAPP Seeking Wild Alaska Pollock Surimi, Roe Proposals for 3rd Round of Partnership Funding

Aug 6 - Fortune, American Seafoods Launch New Wild Alaska Pollock Products

Aug 6 - Alaska Fishing Updates for August 2019

Aug 5 - The Winding Glass: The Trade-War No One Wins

Jul 17 - Sergey Darkin Aims to Become Leading Russian Fish Producer in the Years to Come

Jul 8 - Despite Higher Tariffs, the U.S. May Still Turn to China for Processed Seafood

Jun 27 - WATCH: Urner Barry Staff Tries Trident Seafoods' Wild Alaska Pollock Protein Noodles

Jun 21 - UrnerBarry's Summer 2019 Reporter Issue Released; Read It Online For Free Now

Jun 19 - Russian Government Concerned About Decline of Domestic Pollock Processing

Jun 14 - VIDEO: Gulf of St. Lawrence Closures; Trident & Nancy Fuller; ASMI's Exec Director; Dead Zone

Jun 14 - Trident Seafoods Partners with Food Network Star Nancy Fuller

Jun 13 - How Much U.S. Seafood is Imported? New Paper Challenges Conventional Thinking

Jun 12 - Vietnam May Overtake China as the World’s Largest Pollock Processor

May 30 - Russia Considering Ban of Foreign-Owned Transport Ships in Domestic Waters

May 29 - Russia Facing Drop in Domestic Pollock Consumption in Near Future

May 29 - Highly Ironic That Export Award from Gov’t Went to Maine Company Most Hurt by Seafood Tariffs

May 23 - Trident Accepts FABI Award at National Restaurant Association Show for 10g Protein Noodles

May 20 - Russian Fish Harvests Level Off, Decrease After Years of Consecutive Growth

May 3 - VIDEO: COS Aquaculture Commitment; GAPP Partnerships; Plant-Based Trends; MLMC's Executive Director

May 2 - GAPP Partners With Fishpeople to Promote Meal Kits Featuring Wild Alaska Pollock

Apr 25 - Alaska Seafood Industry Snapshot

Apr 22 - Russian Fish Producers Call for Suspension of Controversial Industry Reforms

Apr 17 - First Branded Pollock Products from Russian Fishery Co. Brought to Russian Retail Chains

Apr 16 - Russian Pollock Producers Ready for Expansion in Brazil

Apr 8 - UK Court to Decide Norebo Fate as Russian Fish Tycoons Battle for Leadership

Apr 5 - VIDEO: NL Snow Crab Quota; Alaska Salmon Forecasts; Pollock Pressure; Trident's Protein Noodles

Apr 4 - Trident's Pollock Protein Noodles Hit Select East Coast Costco Stores

Apr 3 - Russia to Focus on Sea of Okhotsk for Pollock While Also Exploring Other Areas

Mar 29 - Russia Plans to Force More Domestic Processing of Pollock, Crab by Fiat

Mar 25 - LISTEN: Taste Testing Trident's Protein Noodles; The Future of Meal Kits; Plus More News From SENA

Mar 25 - Russian Fish Producer Norebo Plans to Expand Fishing Fleet with 10 New Vessels/Processors

Mar 21 - Russia Plans Catch Increases to Match Soviet-era Harvest Figures

Mar 20 - Trident Seafoods Debuts Versatile 10g Protein Noodles at Seafood Expo North America

Mar 18 - Russian Fish Company Launches Branded Single Frozen Pollock Fillets in Russian Supermarkets

Mar 14 - Trident Seafoods Launching 10g Protein Noodles at Boston Seafood Show

Mar 11 - Russian Seafood Industry Could Bear Huge Losses if Kurils Transferred to Japan

Mar 8 - Gorton's Fisherman Has a New Crew

Mar 6 - GAPP Launches Wild Alaska Pollock Lent Challenge To Encourage Consumers to Try Wild Alaska Pollock

Mar 4 - Restaurant Report: Lent Makes Waves in Seafood Offerings

Mar 2 - Trident Wins Big at Symphony Contest in Juneau

Mar 1 - Trade War with China Continues to Pressure Alaska Pollock Industry

Feb 27 - Bojangles Brings Back BojAngler Fish Sandwich for Lent

Feb 26 - White Castle Brings Back Seafood Crab Cake Slider and Shrimp Nibblers for Lent

Feb 22 - Wendy’s Brings Back North Pacific Cod Sandwich for Lent Despite Pollock Price Difference

Feb 20 - Alaska Fishing Updates for February

Feb 18 - Russia Plans Accelerated Research Activities and Construction in Domestic Industry

Feb 18 - Sysco Adds Portico Classic Wild Alaska Pollock Bites to Cutting Edge Solutions Platform

Feb 18 - Sysco Adds Portico Classic Wild Alaska Pollock Bites to Cutting Edge Solutions Platform

Feb 13 - How Trump's Trade War Backfired on Domestic Pollock Producers

Feb 12 - American Seafoods Announces Effort to Sell Itself to New Investors, Replace Bregal Partners

Feb 8 - How Trump's Trade War Kept Russian Fish Sticks in U.S. School Lunchrooms

Feb 8 - How Trump's Trade War Kept Russian Fish Sticks in U.S. School Lunchrooms

Feb 7 - GAPP Launches Request for Second Round of Proposals to Build a Brand for Wild Alaska Pollock

Feb 4 - LISTEN: Salmon Analysis; Australis Barramundi in HelloFresh Boxes; GAPP Funding and More

Feb 1 - Del Taco Offering Wild-Caught Alaska Pollock Tacos, Jumbo Shrimp Options

Feb 1 - VIDEO: Trident, True North Receive Funding; Salmon Analysis; SeaShare Partnership; UB Appoints VP

Jan 31 - Russian Fishery Company is First in Line for Pollock Supertrawler Construction

Jan 30 - Trident Seafoods, True North Seafood Receive Funding From GAPP for New Projects

Jan 28 - GAPP Receives Commitment from USDA on Record Purchase of Alaska Pollock

Jan 28 - Russia Considers Adding Pollock, Herring and Cod to 'No History' Quota Auctions This Year

Jan 25 - Pollock "A" season began on schedule Sunday, despite shutdown

Jan 21 - Roughly One-Third of Russia’s Fish Harvest Continues to be Lost or Destroyed

Jan 21 - As Many Industries Get Shutdown Relief, Those Without Political Clout Feel Left Behind

Jan 18 - New England Fishmongers Start Craft Fishing Revolution, Hope to Change Policies

Jan 17 - Despite Predictions, Russian Fisherman Do Not Expect Pollock Decline Over Next 5 Years

Jan 16 - Data on Alaska Fish Catches, Prices, Processor Sales by AK Region

Jan 14 - Alaska Fishing Updates For January 2019

Jan 7 - Alaska Fisheries Report Few Problems So Far From Gov’t Shutdown

Jan 4 - Del Taco Adds Beer Battered Alaska Pollock Taco to Their New Mix2 Menu

Jan 3 - Russia Initiates Plans for Pollock, Crab Harvests in Arctic Seas This Year

Jan 3 - Russia Initiates Plans for Pollock, Crab Harvests in Arctic Seas This Year

Jan 2 - Alaska Fishing Gears Up for 2019

Dec 31 - Russia Plans to Compete with Alaska for Brazilian Pollock Market

Dec 27 - Warming Seas send Waves through U.S. Fishing --- Alaskan Pollock Retreats; Black Sea Bass Booms

Dec 27 - Warming Seas send Waves through U.S. Fishing --- Alaskan Pollock Retreats; Black Sea Bass Booms

Dec 26 - Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers Appoints Craig Morris As New CEO

Dec 17 - Alaska is U.S. Seafood Superpower

Dec 17 - Russian Fishery Company Starts Construction of Russia’s Largest Pollock Processing Plant

Dec 14 - Feds: U.S. Fishermen had Good Year Aided by Lobsters and Scallops

Dec 14 - Feds: U.S. Fishermen had Good Year Aided by Lobsters and Scallops

Dec 10 - Russia Says Six Pollock Factories Will Aim to Push Chinese Pollock from EU in 2020

Dec 5 - North Pacific Council to Reveal Catch Allocations This Week; Pollock to Increase, Cod is Uncertain

Dec 4 - North Pacific Fisheries Council to Consider Changes to Gulf of Alaska Pollock Season Structure

Nov 29 - Tax Dispute Over Vessel Repair Threatens Russian Pollock Season; 200,000 Tons of Fish Could be Lost

Nov 28 - Cod Skins Used for Collagen Powder, Pet Treats

Nov 26 - Russia Expects Record Fish Harvests This Year; Salmon Growth Almost Doubles

Nov 21 - Kuril Islands Resolution with Japan Could Mean Huge Losses for Russian Seafood Industry

Nov 21 - Trident’s Protein Noodles Top Winner at Alaska Seafood Contest

Nov 16 - Russian Taxes of 4.8 percent Proposed Across the Board for the Domestic Seafood Industry

Nov 15 - Symphony of Seafood Debuts 10 New Products

Nov 13 - Rising Prices Pushing Consumers Away from Fish in UK; Volumes to Fall This Year

Nov 9 - Halibut’s a Wrap But There’s Lots of Fishing Going on Across Alaska

Oct 29 - Russia Introduces New Strategy to Double Fish Export Revenue by 2024

Oct 29 - Russian Pollock Catch to Decline By as Much 20% Over Next 5 Years

Oct 22 - Sea of Okhotsk Pollock Catch Will be More Than 1 million Tons with Improved Fall Fishing

Oct 22 - Sea of Okhotsk Pollock Catch Will be More Than 1 million Tons with Improved Fall Fishing

Oct 16 - Russia to Start Export Fish Sales Through Auctions in Coming Months

Oct 10 - UK Shoppers Find Eco-Friendly Pollock Easier on Wallets

Oct 9 - Russian Fishing Company to Build 9 Trawlers at Domestic Shipyards

Oct 9 - Pollock Industry Commits $10 Million to Marketing Campaign as GAPP is Reorganized

Oct 5 - Council Approves Preliminary Bering Sea Pollock TAC for 2019 and 2020 at Current Levels

Oct 5 - MCS Urges UK Consumers to Eat More Pollock and Less Squid to Save Fish Stocks

Oct 5 - MCS Urges UK Consumers to Eat More Pollock and Less Squid to Save Fish Stocks

Oct 1 - Russian Leading Fish Producer Norebo Subjected to State Searches, Seizures

Sep 20 - 10% Tariffs on $200 Billion Chinese Exports Take Effect; Some Pollock and Cod Products May be Exempt

Sep 10 - Russia Doubles Exports of Pollock Fillets, Surimi, This Year as European Market Improves

Aug 31 - Russian Pollock Fishery in Sea of Okhotsk Recertified by MSC, with All Conditions Met

Aug 29 - Proposed Tariffs on Reprocessed Alaska Seafood Causing Chinese Buyers to Pull Back

Aug 21 - Tyson Confirms Deal to Buy Keystone, Maker of McDonald's Chicken Nuggets, Filet-o-Fish

Aug 21 - NOAA Trawl Survey Finds No Cold Water In Bering Sea; Conducts Emergency Survey in North

Aug 17 - Mining Operations Threaten Fishing Operations at Russian West Kamchatka Region

Aug 13 - China Continues Buying Russian Pollock, Taking 90%, With Some Going to Chinese Domestic Market

Aug 8 - Russian Government Plans Subsidies for Smaller Trawl Vessel Construction

Aug 6 - Catching Fish is Easy Part; Quota System? Not So Much

Jul 31 - New Russian State Producer Could Pose Direct Competition to Traditional Fishing Companies

Jul 26 - New England Congressional Reps Call for Support for Lobster Industry Hit by Tariffs

Jul 20 - World Fishing Overview Gives Alaska High Marks

Jul 19 - Russian Ban on Transhipping on Foreign Vessels Could Cripple Fishing Industry

Jul 11 - Russian Ex-senator Alexander Verkhovsky Becomes Second Largest Fishery Quota Holder

Jul 6 - Rosrybolovstvo Makes Second Attempt to Set Up State Sponsored Chain of Low-Priced Fish Stores

Jun 25 - US Runs a Seafood Trade Deficit, Which is Not a Bad Thing

Jun 25 - Still No Clarity on Whether Chinese Tariffs Apply to Reprocessed Fish

Jun 25 - China’s Alaska Pollock Export to Brazil Drop 40% Due to Regulation of Soaking

Jun 14 - Arctic Storm Building 'Largest and Most Advanced Fishing Vessel' Ever Built in US

Jun 12 - ANALYSIS: With Surimi Shortage, and Less Cod, Pollock Block B Season Prices Back up to 2014 Level

Jun 8 - McDowell Study Highlights Inshore Processing in Western Ak; Shows Vulnerability to Climate Change

Jun 8 - RFC to Get 170,000 ton Investment Quota; Plans Six New Surimi, Pollock Block Trawlers

Jun 6 - June Alaska Fishing Updates: Tough Start for Salmon Season

Jun 4 - Impacts of Acidic Oceans Revealed on Key Alaska Species

May 31 - Russian Government Considers Ban of At-Sea Processing Discharges in Domestic Waters

May 25 - Russian Fishery Company Plans New Fish Processor 'Russian Pollock' in the Far East

May 14 - Russia Plans to Lift Restriction on Bering Sea Pollock, Cod Catch This Year

May 9 - Russian Fishery Co. to Build Big Cod Plant on Barents Sea if they get Quota

Apr 30 - Trans-Ocean Products Names Kansas Company its 2017 Broker of the Year

Apr 23 - On Eve of Brussels Show, Russian Pollock Producers Promise Market War in Europe

Apr 18 - US Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank Waiting on MSC Final Consultation for Haddock, Pollock and Redfish

Apr 18 - Increase in Ukraine's Fish Imports Likely to Lead to Pollock, Whiting Opportunities for US

Apr 11 - Russian Fishery Company Plans New 60,000 ton Value-Added Pollock Plant near Vladivostok

Apr 4 - April Mixed for Alaska Fisheries, Sitka Herring Slumps, but Southeast Tanner Crab was Good

Apr 3 - Chefs and Restaurants Turn to Underutilized and Emerging Species

Mar 27 - Russian Fishery Company (RFC) Joins GSSI as Second Russian Partner

Mar 16 - Dr. Praeger’s Brand Introduces New MSC Certified Frozen Seafood Products

Mar 15 - Russia Postpones Distribution of Pollock Investment Quotas; Move May Favor Largest Companies

Mar 2 - Russian Fishery (RRPK) Aims to be World's Largest Pollock Producer With 7 New Trawlers, 2 Plants

Feb 28 - Trident Brings Its Fork & Fin Food Truck to UW, Students Line up for Pollock Tacos, Fish & Chips

Feb 27 - US Foods Spring Scoop Product Launch Features Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna and Pollock

Feb 26 - Russian Oligarch to Take 90% Control of Russian Fishery Co., Controlling Pollock Production

Feb 21 - White Castle Brings Back Seafood Crab Cake Slider, Shrimp Nibblers For Lent

Feb 14 - Arby's Adds Nashville Hot Fish Pollock Fillet to Menu as Lent Begins

Feb 6 - More Russian Oligarchs Flooding into Fisheries With Aim to Buy Quota

Jan 31 - Kodiak Trawl Fleet Goes Out for Pollock After 8 Day Stand-Off Over Pricing

Jan 31 - Restaurants Start their Seasonal Roll out of Seafood for Lent

Jan 31 - Restaurants Start their Seasonal Roll out of Seafood for Lent

Jan 30 - Russian Fishery Tries to Get Murmansk Cod Trawlers After Rival Accused of Having Foreign Ownership

Jan 18 - Russian Pollock Producers Again Vow to Focus more on Domestic Market

Jan 16 - South Korea Plans US $500 Million Investment in Pollock Processing Factories in Russia

Jan 3 - Russia Forecasts Significant Pollock Harvest Increase in Sea of Okhotsk This Year

Dec 27 - Russian Crab Industry Facing Work Force, Production Declines Due to Quota Auctions

Dec 14 - Russia will Expand Pollock to 2 Million Tons of Production Next Year; Aims to Undercut US on Price

Dec 13 - Are Bering Sea Cod and Pollock Shifting Northward?

Nov 22 - AFDF Announces Winners of 2017 Alaska Symphony of Seafood Contest

Nov 9 - LED Lights Show Promise for Decreasing Salmon Bycatch in West Coast Whiting Fishery

Nov 9 - Gorton’s Seafood Teams Up With SeaShare To Donate Pollock to Hurricane Victims

Nov 6 - McDonald’s Malaysia Reportedly Introduces Fish Fillet and Fries

Oct 27 - India, South Korea Negotiating to Upgrade and Review Free Trade Agreement

Oct 23 - Russia to Increase Tax Burden on Domestic Fishing Industry

Oct 11 - Russian Fish Producers Prepare for Redistribution of Fish Quotas

Oct 11 - Groundfish Forum Projects Slight Declines in Wild-Caught Whitefish Species in 2018

Sep 22 - Russian Fishing Profits Fall in 2017; Industry on Verge of Financial Crisis

Sep 20 - Studies Show How Acidic Oceans are Affecting Alaska Species

Sep 15 - How Alaska's Growing Fisheries Fit Into the Global Fishing Picture

Aug 30 - Russian Defense Company Will Get 36,000 Tons Pollock Quota as Part of Bid to Build Shore Factory

Aug 25 - Alaskan Pollock Industry Focusing on Innovation; Trident Places Grill-Friendly Fillet in Walmart

Aug 11 - Want the Freshest Unalaska Fish? You’ll Have to Go to Europe.

Aug 7 - South Korea Squid Imports Soar Amid Decreased Catch Volume

Aug 2 - Alaska Fishing Season Booming With Salmon, Pollock, Cod and More

Aug 1 - Russia May Cut Pollock Exports This Year

Jul 24 - Russian Fish Co. to Expand Sales of Single Frozen Pollock to Domestic Market, Citing Weakness in EU

Jul 7 - Ikura Prices Soar to 30-year High in Japan Due to Lackluster Salmon Harvests in Hokkaido

Jul 5 - Young Pollock Survival Better than Expected During Most Recent Bering Sea Warm Phase

Jul 5 - Young Pollock Survival Better than Expected During Most Recent Bering Sea Warm Phase

Jun 5 - Bidding Prices of Pollock Roe Stay High for Japanese Traders Despite Higher Supplies from US, Russia

Jun 5 - Bidding Prices of Pollock Roe Stay High for Japanese Traders Despite Higher Supplies from US, Russia

Jun 1 - Russian Fishing Co (RFC) Enters Crab Business with $170 million Quota Purchase at Auction

May 25 - DHL Now Shipping Live Crabs and Seafood from Northern Norway to South Korea and US Markets

May 18 - Facing Headwinds on European Standards, Russia's White Fish Producers Turn to Brazil

May 17 - SeaShare Partners with Native Association to Donate Pollock to Communities in Bristol Bay

May 15 - Newport’s Surimi Plant to Open this Season After Pacific and Oregon Dept of Justice Reach Agreement

May 1 - Russian A Season ends at 874,000 tons of pollock, up 6%; Industry wants TAC decrease in 2018

Apr 28 - Russian Pollock Fisheries Begin MSC Recertification Process, Join Industry Group Within MSC

Apr 21 - Russian Pollock Producers Plan to Grow Exports to EU Market 40% by 2019

Apr 10 - Russia Becoming More Important for Vietnamese Fisheries and Aquaculture

Apr 6 - Koreans Wild About Alaska Pollock; Celebrate the Finding of the 'Near Extinct' fish in Local Waters

Apr 5 - Surimi Producers Trying Hard to Change Consumer Ideas of Kamaboko Beyond Traditional Products

Apr 4 - UK's Fillet Fish in Hull Gets Investment Backing from Santander Bank to Expand Exports to US Market

Mar 29 - ASMI Working with New England Grocer Demoulas to Market Alaska Pollock for Lent

Mar 29 - Pollock Roe Auctions Return High Prices, in Boost to Alaska Companies

Mar 28 - Russia Dangles More Pollock Allocations if Koreans Invest in Russian Processing

Mar 17 - Russian Fishing Industry Faces More Consolidation as Companies Prepare for 10 Year Quota Auctions

Mar 15 - Russia Plans to Seize Fishing Quotas from Producers Who Build Trawlers With Foreign Capital

Mar 15 - Russia's Pollock Catch in Okhotsk Sea Loses Momentum in Early March

Mar 7 - Russian Fishery Co. Buying Dalmore Pollock Business, Will Have Nearly 300,000 tons of Quota

Feb 14 - Russian Fishery Co. Plans Major Pollock Expansion with Chinese Backing

Feb 8 - North Pacific Council Reviews Bering Sea Pollock and IFQ Halibut Progams

Feb 7 - German Zverev, Friendly to China, Will Head Russian Fish Industry Group to Push Gov't on Exports

Jan 20 - Pollock Surimi Prices Drop for First Time in 4 Years on Increased Quota, Slow Fillet Demand

Jan 11 - NMFS Seeks Comments on Inseason Adjustments to BS/AI Pollock, Cod, Atka Mackerel

Dec 27 - N. Pacific Council Threatens New England Style Fisheries Management Collapse in Gulf of Alaska

Dec 22 - Gidrostroy Could become Largest Russian Pollock Producer if PBTF Purchase Closes

Dec 20 - Massive Chinese Fish Processing Center in Border Region Threatens Russian Domestic Fish Processing

Dec 13 - Trump's Tough Trade Talk Makes U.S. Firms Fear China Retribution

Dec 13 - EU Fish Processors Say Pollock Imports Continue to Decline but Russia Market Share Improves

Dec 12 - Pollock TAC Basically Unchanged in Bering Sea for 2017, Despite Huge increase in Biomass

Dec 1 - Downturn Expected for Gulf of Alaska's Pollock and Cod Production (Fish Radio)

Nov 30 - Ecosystem Reports at Council Point to Possible Future Declines in Pollock, Cod after some Good Years

Nov 29 - Biggest Russian Quota Holder Karat Plans $250 Mln investment in Barents Sea and Distant Water Fleets

Nov 28 - Jump in Alaska Pollock Biomass Should Have Little Impact Say Sellers, Because of 2 Mln ton Cap

Nov 21 - South Korea Facing Pollock Shortage, Aims to Rebuild Imports and Trade Ties to Russia

Nov 14 - Russian Fishing Company May be Sold in Further Shakeup For Russian Pollock Industry

Nov 8 - Russia Plans to Increase Pollock Production and Restart Sardine Processing

Oct 21 - Bundrant says New Products and More Value Added Products Only Way to Boost Pollock Prices

Oct 17 - TINRO Estimates Show Increases in Pollock, Crab Stocks in Russia Far East

Oct 14 - Birds Eye Launches Gluten-Free Alaskan Pollock Fish Fingers to UK Retailers

Oct 10 - Alaska's Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers Complete First Year of Marketing Campaign in Germany

Oct 6 - With Quota Renewals Coming in 2018, Russia Gets Serious Processing of Pollock in the Far East

Aug 31 - Russian Pollock Fillet Production is Up, Some US 'B' Season Surimi Prices Negotiated in Japan

Aug 17 - Trident Seafoods Japan to Promote Pollock Fillet Products at Tokyo Seafood Show

Aug 15 - Survey Finds Cod, Pollock and Other Fish Populations Have Expanded into US Arctic Waters

Jul 20 - Alaskan Pollock Surimi Production Down Over 3% in 2016

Jun 29 - Alaska's "B" Season Pollock Surimi Production down 35%

May 24 - Trident's Akutan Pollock Processing Plant to be Featured on Science Channel this Week

May 18 - Slade Gorton Sells Minority Stake to Iceland's Samherji in Strategic Distribution Deal

Mar 14 - Warm Water Blob Could Impact Gulf of Alaska Pollock Fishery

Feb 26 - DelBene Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Require U.S. Seafood in School Lunches

Feb 9 - Intense Opposition from Fleet to GOA Bycatch Management Plan at North Pacific Council

Feb 5 - Collapse of Pollock Prices in China one Reason for Price Stand-off in Gulf of Alaska

Feb 3 - Early A Season Pollock Roe Production Appears Slow

Feb 2 - Holiday Promotions Lag for All Seafood Except Shrimp

Jan 22 - FDA Updates Seafood List with Change to Legal Pollock Market Name

Jan 15 - MSC Re-certifies Alaska's Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska Pollock Fishery

Dec 21 - 2016 Gulf of Alaska TACs for Pollock up 30%, Cod Down by 4%

Dec 21 - President Signs Omnibus Spending Bill Officially Changing Legal Market Name for Pollock

Dec 16 - Senators Secure Name Change for Alaska Pollock to 'Pollock' in Omnibus Budget Bill

Dec 11 - N. Pacific Council Raises Pollock TACs by 2.34%, Flatfish Slightly Down, Cod Steady

Nov 30 - Very Healthy Stocks in Bering Sea Mean TAC's for Pollock, Cod, Likely to Increase Slightly

Nov 30 - Credit Insurers Pull Some Coverage on Pacific Andes, Pickenpack Over Unpaid Pollock Invoices

Nov 12 - Russian Pollock Landings up 6% in Far East; North Basin Cod Catch Down 15%

Oct 29 - Alaska Sea Grant Exploring Market Alternatives for Pollock Roe Outside of Slumping Japanese Market

Oct 23 - Japan's Processors try to Make Kamboko Trendy Again with Young People

Oct 23 - Washington and Alaska Congressional Reps Introduce Bill to Change Legal Name of Alaska Pollock

Oct 15 - Groundfish Forum Figures Show Remarkable Stability for Whitefish as Fisheries Management Working

Oct 9 - Warming Ocean Temps May Bode Poorly for Pollock

Sep 24 - With No Action by FDA, Murkowski Plans Legislation to rename 'Alaska Pollock' to Pollock

Jul 30 - Higher Alaskan Pollock Surimi Production Offsets Further Declines in Japanese Supply in May

Jul 29 - Higher Pollock Catch Leads Increase in Russian Fish Landings Through June

Jul 23 - Russia Plans to Lower Domestic Transport Costs to Reduce Pollock Prices

Jul 17 - Surimi Production Continues to Outpace Fillets During Alaska Pollock "B" Season

Jun 24 - Alaskan "B" Season Surimi Production, Japanese Prices Could Rise On Weak Yen, Supply Concerns

Jun 11 - Bering Sea's Pollock "B" Season Now Open with 19,000 Ton Increase over Last Year

May 15 - Big Year Classes will boost Pollock Catch in Sea of O., but Western Bering Sea is Overfished

May 13 - Alaska Pollock Market Name Needs to Change Sen. Murkowski Tells FDA Commissioner

May 12 - Alaska Processors Charging Pollock B Season Workers Room and Board to Make Up for Minimum Wage Hike

May 8 - MSNBC Report Raises Questions About Illegal Labor on Russian Pollock Vessels

May 8 - FDA Refuses to Answer Cantwell Question on Alaska Pollock Labeling at Senate Hearing

May 7 - Rod Moore: Magnuson Editorial Missed Hard Work Industry Has Done to Improve the Law

Apr 30 - South Korea Wants Higher Pollock Quota Allocation in Russian Waters

Apr 27 - Seattle April Pollock Roe Auction Sees Record Low Prices

Apr 27 - Russia Reports 40% Increase in Pollock Fillet Production from 'A' Season this Year

Apr 27 - Russia Reports 40% Increase in Pollock Fillet Production from 'A' Season this Year

Apr 16 - AK's Weathervane Scallop, Seine Pollock Fisheries Get Little Interest from Fishermen (Fish Radio)

Apr 13 - Better Shrimp, Salmon and Tilapia Margins Help Push Lenten Retail Seafood Promos Up 24% in 2015

Apr 13 - N. Pacific Council Adopts Moderate Chinook By-Catch Caps, after Lengthy Public Testimony

Apr 10 - We Screwed Up In Our Report On The Pollock/Chinook Bycatch Issue Yesterday

Apr 9 - NPFMC May Tell Bering Sea's Pollock Fleet to Fish Earlier to Limit Chinook Bycatch

Apr 2 - Alaska Enters April with Pollock and Cod Fisheries Running Full Bore (Fish Radio)

Apr 2 - Western Alaska Users Call on Council to Adopt 60% Reduction in Chinook Salmon By-catch at April Mtg

Mar 31 - Just Concluded Surimi Price Negotiations Show Increases for 4 Seasons in a Row

Mar 30 - Rising Surimi Prices a Bright Spot for Pollock Producers as A season Fillet Production Falls

Mar 20 - Lower Priced Pollock Performing Generally Well as Halibut Bait Across the West Coast (Fish Radio)

Mar 18 - Pollock Roe Prices Appear to be 5-20% lower, Depending on Lot; Am Sfds Declines to Make Bids public

Mar 16 - Seattle Pollock Roe Auction Prices down around 20% this year

Mar 3 - Alaska's Snow Crab Quota Now 65% Taken (Fish Radio)

Feb 24 - Russia Offers $100 Million in Seafood Subsidies, Pollock Producers want to Double Sales to Europe

Feb 13 - Russia to Pay Subsides to Fish Producers to Keep Pollock and Cod in Domestic Market

Jan 28 - NPFMC To Consider Reducing Salmon Bycatch Caps for Bering Sea Pollock Trawlers

Jan 23 - Russian Pollock Fishing Underway, with 2015 Quota of 1.72 Million Tons

Jan 21 - Bering Sea's Pollock Fleet Set to Go With 2015 Quota Up; First Deliveries Expected Next Week

Jan 20 - Russian Pollock and Salmon Exports Out of Sakhalin Down Sharply to Plug Domestic Supplies

Jan 16 - Aleut Corp., Adak Finally Receive Access to Pollock Quota

Jan 6 - The Editor's View (1/6) with John Sackton: Watch Out for 2015

Dec 15 - Final North Pacific Council Motion provides for 3.4% pollock increase of 43,000 tons

Dec 10 - Final Bering Sea pollock TAC's to be set this weekend, Plan Team ABC limit is 1.63 mln tons in 2015

Dec 9 - NMFS issues preliminary 2015 TACS to allow fishing to begin January 1st

Dec 3 - Cook Inlet's experimental purse seine pollock fishery will attempt to lower king salmon bycatch

Nov 25 - NMFS's announces Western AK Steller sea lion protections that will impact mackerel, P. cod, pollock

Nov 18 - Alaska Pollock stock now double its ten year average, discrediting Greenpeace's pollock 'redlist'

Oct 28 - FDA promises answer to Congress soon on Alaska pollock nomenclature issue as pressure heats up

Oct 21 - Russia will not impose export duties on salmon or pollock

Oct 20 - Fall in pollock and salmon exports highlights 11% drop in overall Russian fish shipments through Aug

Oct 20 - NPFMC unanimously votes to develop catch share program for Gulf of Alaska pollock and P. cod

Oct 16 - High Pollock H&G prices, impact of Russia trade ban is focus of Groundfish Forum

Oct 16 - No surprises in this year's Groundfish Forum Outlook: whitefish sector quite stable

Oct 3 - Alaska's Pollock "B" season wraps up a month early with plenty of mature fish around

Sep 26 - Surveys show Bering Sea's crab and pollock stocks are at healthy levels (Fish Radio)

Sep 25 - 15 Senators and Representatives urge FDA to act on petition to change market name of Alaska pollock

Sep 25 - Huge increase in pollock biomass found in 2014 trawl surveys, TAC likely unaffected

Sep 25 - Huge increase in pollock biomass found in 2014 trawl surveys, TAC likely unaffected

Sep 24 - AK pollock industry success with salmon by-catch avoidance gear recognized and supported by NGO's

Sep 24 - As B season winds down, surimi prices edge up

Sep 19 - Alaskan tribes petition NPFMC to cut chinook bycatch 66% for Bering Sea's pollock fishery

Sep 9 - Alaska Processors request FDA change the legal market name 'Alaska Pollock' to just 'Pollock'

Sep 3 - Larry Cotter: Russia's seafood ban and mislabeling of Alaska pollock require action

Aug 1 - Profits likely to surge for Gorton's, King and Prince, say Nissui projections

Jul 29 - Russia lowers export duties on pollock, other seafood items 30%

Jun 25 - NMFS seeks comments on rule to allow fewer, larger catcher-processors to fish Bering Sea pollock

Jun 24 - Nippon Suisan to raise kamaboko, other surimi item prices by 5% to 16% due to higher costs

Jun 24 - Japan to cut northern pollock TAC by 50%

Jun 18 - Zhangidao Refrigerated logistics takes in a 5000 ton Russian pollock holding, 20% of its capacity

Jun 17 - McDonald's Canada joins US, EU in getting entire Alaska pollock supply 100% MSC certified

Jun 11 - Pollock B season to begin with rush due to chinook bycatch concerns

Jun 11 - N. Pacific Council moves to tighten chinook bycatch rules after emotional testimony

Jun 6 - NPFMC asked to reapportion 100 MT of halibut bycatch this year

May 23 - Primorye pollock A season pollock harvests end at 93% of quota

May 21 - Pollock proposed as an 'anchor' resource for potential Community Fishing Association in Kodiak

May 20 - MSC-certified Russian pollock exporters petition EU to recognize standard under 2015 import reqs

May 19 - Russian scientists see improving pollock biomass, likely higher quotas in coming years

May 12 - NPFMC will discuss changes to chinook and chum bycatch protocols for Bering Sea pollock harvesters

May 7 - American Seafoods subsidiary promoting its pollock oil neutraceutical

May 6 - Global Seafood Expo opens in Brussels with Russia, Cold-water shrimp and prices on the table

Apr 30 - In runup to Brussels Show, supply swings influencing EU imports of traditional US seafood items

Apr 28 - Pacific whiting producers shift to surimi production amid East Europe unrest

Apr 22 - Second round pollock roe auction ends with lower prices, but big boost in revenue due to volume

Apr 21 - Russia ties increase in South Korea's pollock quota to IUU crab cooperation

Apr 15 - Pollock roe processing cooperative in Hokkaido declared bankrupt, causing enormous economic impact

Apr 10 - A season surimi output greatest in 8 years as whole Ak pollock industry benefits from larger fish

Apr 9 - Kodiak seine fleet tests viability of new pollock fishery

Apr 7 - Alaskan seiners urged to sign-up for Kodiak's first ever state water pollock fishery (Fish Radio)

Mar 31 - 7% of MSC chain of custody certificates revoked in compliance audit for Russian pollock

Mar 26 - Japan accepts 10% rise in standard surimi prices for A season due to shortage of Asian alternatives

Mar 18 - Kodiak researchers get grant to study "co-product" uses for Alaskan pollock (Fish Radio)

Mar 17 - Alaska processors have successful pollock roe auction, with 86% higher volume and stable price

Mar 13 - Seattle pollock roe auction could be largest in ten years

Mar 11 - Seattle pollock roe auction starts this week, with higher volumes and uncertainty on price

Mar 10 - Kodiak's state season jig cod fishermen to haul in pollock for first time (Fish Radio)

Mar 6 - Japan sets northern pollock quota at twice the scientific limit to protect fishermen's livelihoods

Mar 5 - Video: Alaska Pollock Better Served with RFM certification, says Unisea

Mar 5 - Gorton's launches Artisan-style line of Alaska pollock fillets for retail

Feb 27 - Shore-based pollock fleet delayed for roe production - now reaping benefit

Feb 26 - Bankruptcies impact pollock buyers as Seattle prepares for first roe auction

Feb 21 - Hokkaido processing roe co-op bankrupted by cheap China produced pollock roe

Feb 21 - Alaska Pollock producers go forward with 5 year MSC re-certification, also affirm support for RFM

Feb 21 - Alaska pollock roe recovery is best in last three years

Feb 20 - NMFS reduces halibut bycatch limits for Gulf of Alaska trawlers and longliners

Feb 19 - Pollock fleet slamming roe this year

Feb 11 - IPHC gets mixed results after expanding use of pollock as halibut bait to Bering Sea (Fish Radio)

Feb 3 - Scientific name change for pollock many years in the making, little consumer impact seen

Jan 22 - Alaskan fishing at full steam with pollock, cod and crab fisheries all in gear (Fish Radio)

Jan 21 - Pollock fleet drops their nets, as nation's largest fishery began Monday

Jan 21 - NOAA says Alaska pollock now a cod - name officially changed from Theragra spp. to Gadus

Jan 17 - ASMI works with Arby's on re-release of AK pollock Big Fillet sandwich

Jan 15 - Alaska's Fish Board tables in-state pollock fishery proposal for further talks with NPFMC

Jan 14 - Hokkaido surimi processors 'racking their brains' to boost kamaboko sales

Jan 8 - Norway working hard to end partial Russian boycott of Norwegian fish

Jan 7 - Long John's launches Alaska pollock Dippin' Fish Strips for $2.99

Jan 2 - Alaska's cod and pollock fisheries gearing up to start the New Year (Fish Radio)

Dec 31 - One of Russia's largest pollock companies threatened by bankruptcy after FAS pollock cartel fine

Dec 18 - 50,000 ton increase in Gulf pollock tops Alaska fish numbers for 2014 (Fish radio)

Dec 16 - N. Pacific council adopts small pollock increase, downward adjustments to flatfish for 2014

Dec 10 - Alaska's 2014 halibut quota likely to be lower; increases expected for GOA pollock (Fish Radio)

Dec 5 - Adak turns down mackerel quota to keep option to fish more valuable pollock

Nov 15 - Russia will not issue 2014 pollock quotas to companies with South Korean ownership

Nov 15 - Russia unlikely to increase pollock fillet production much in 2014, given high H&G prices

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